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The Philharmonic Orchestra Equity Statement

The Philharmonic Orchestra of Indianapolis and Symphonic Praise Choir take note of the racial injustice in our nation. We abhor the violence that ended in the killing of George Floyd, Freddie Gray, Tamir Rice, and too many other Black citizens. We know that Black Lives Matter resonates from a deep division in human awareness and purpose.  We answer the call to redefine how we respect and honor one another.


From its founding in the 1940s, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Indianapolis, Inc., has been a home where musicians of all races and backgrounds are welcomed to perform together an array of culturally diverse programming.  The Philharmonic views music as a transcendent force that touches all of us without regard to color, ethnicity, gender, or any other factors that artificially separate people. We must stand with those who have been marginalized.

  • The Philharmonic will make determined strides and commitment to educate against racism, that thread in our culture that feeds white privilege with its grip on cultural freedom for all. 

  • We value cultural diversity.  Our country and world’s future depend upon embracing the diversity of mankind. 

  • We will demand of our organization revisit a deeper definition of all performance events, and find new artistic ventures to re-dedicate ourselves to vigorously oppose racism and privilege in all its forms. 

  • We restate our commitment to being a force in our classical music community to present the music of under-appreciated Black composers and other artists lacking the privilege of mainstream exposure.  

  • We commit to a continuation of our educational programs, including the Strings & Jazzy Things camp that provides a rich educational opportunity to under-served students in a tuition-free program.  

  • We commit to celebrating Black composers and musicians throughout our concert season. Our Annual Gospel Concert, where The Philharmonic’s orchestral forces join with its brothers and sisters from the 100-voice Symphonic Praise Choir, will continue to be a cultural event that showcases the significant legacy of Black composers of orchestral, Gospel and Praise works and of Black musicians and singers from Central Indiana.

  • We pledge our ongoing efforts to pursue a more accessible, inclusive, and equitable community through the Philharmonic’s leadership, educational outreach, and artistic expression.

  • We remain committed to the principles of justice and respect, learning from persons with different cultural experiences, and using our resources to bring the whole community together.

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