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Series: Phringe Festival


Welcome to "The Phringe!" Out "on the edge" of classical music are newer pieces of music waiting to find their way into the mainstream of orchestral music to be fully appreciated. Throughout our concert season, you'll note a new work on almost every Phil program, a work on the "Phringe." Our approach to new works is to relate them to the other works on the program and celebrate their differences and similarities. Any new music presented helps exercise our ears and our responsibility as musicians and audiences to be a part of the organic development of symphonic music.


October 13

Blow it up, Start again

Jonathan Newman


October 26

What's a Chum Bucket, anyway?  Are those for real?  

November 23

Paul Francis

Rainbow Body Christopher Theofanidis


May 19

China Dreams: Prelude

Bright Sheng (b. 1955)


Indiana Music Education Association 2019 Student Composition Contest Winner  (Winner and Composition to be announced)

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